No, we do not add any salt or seasoning to our 100% Natural Dashi Packets. Ingredients comes as a whole and are not further processed. Therefore, you would need to add a tinge of salt (to your preference) when cooking with the Dashi Packets.

Note: Common commercial dashi stock that comes in powdered form are mostly processed and seasoned. Soup stock cubes/broth packs may contain MSG. 

Please be advised to check the contents of each Dashi Pack for any allergies (i.e. seafood allergy, shellfish allergy, etc.) 

Of course!
Dashi is an incredibly simple broth that is fat-free, nutritious and rich in minerals. With kelp as the base ingredient, it is high in calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B,C,D and E. It is also unusually rich in glutamic acid, an amino-acid essential in brain and muscle functions.

We recommend 600ml for optimal flavour.
Tip: For a sweeter soup, you can add ingredients like onions & white radish, then season with salt/soy sauce to your preference. Try mixing 2 different Dashi Packs and then sweenten it further for 2-3 servings. (i.e. Bold-Haemul, Light-Shiitake)

Upon receiving your Dashi Packs, we strongly recommend you to keep it in the chiller to prolong its shelf-life. It can typically last several months in the chiller in our sealed zip pouch.

Dashi Packs are to be stored at an ideal temp. of 2-7 °C. Once opened, Dashi Packs can be stored in the chiller for up to 3 months.

Note: Please ensure the packets do not come into contact with water to maintain freshness. Always keep the zip pouch sealed.

Dashi soup stock can be stored in 2 ways:
1 - Pour it in a jug/container and keep it in the chiller. It can last up to 5 days.
2 - Pour it into ice cub trays and keep it in the freezer. It can last up to a month.

Tip: Cook a huge batch of soup stock concentrate at one go and freeze it in cubes for easy usage! (i.e. vege stir fry, soup stock base)