Chawanmushi in 20mins


What’s your favourite side dish to get when you’re having Japanese food? For us, it’s Chawanmushi 🥚🍥 A simple and silky egg dish packed with flavours that slurps right into our mouths! It’s basic, but you need a good dashi stock to make an authentic one. Here’s our take with the Katsuobushi Dashi Pack and we think it’s pretty darn good 😌

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- 1 sachet of Katsuobushi Dashi Pack
- 3 eggs
- 1 tablespoon of mirin
- 2 tablespoons of Japanese shoyu
- Shiitake mushroom
- Kamaboko fish cake
- Prawn

1. Boil Katsuobushi Dashi Pack for 10 mins and set aside to cool


2. Crack the eggs into a jar or bowl, add mirin and Japanese shoyu in, beat till well combined

3. Once the dashi stock has cooled, add the stock into the egg mixture by portions and beat till combined

4. Sieve the egg mixture to remove air bubbles into a jar for a silky texture

5. Pour the sieved egg mixture into Chawanmushi cups

6. Steam for around 5 minutes

7. Check that the egg mixture is nearly set, then top the surface with mushrooms, kamaboko fish cake and prawns (or any other ingredient of your choice) then steam for another 5 minutes before turning off the heat

8. Allow the Chawanmushi to rest in the pot for another 5 minutes, this allows the residual heat to cook through the steamed eggs completely without overcooking it

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