ABCDE Soup in 20 Minutes


"One-pot goodness that contains a wide spectrum of nutrients including Vitamins A,B,C,D and E – definitely a nourishing choice for all ages!"  -엄마


What you'll need?

Dashi Pack. 2 Packets (of your choice!)
Water. 1.2L 
Salt/Soy Sauce.
 ± ½ Teaspoon
White Pepper Powder. Sprinkle (to taste) 


• Carrot. 1 pc or ½ pc (for larger-sized carrot) – Diced
• Yellow Onion. 1 pc or ½ pc (for larger-sized onion) – Diced
 Potato. 1 pc – Diced
• Corn. ½ pc – Further cut into halves
• Wonbok/Napa Cabbage. 4 pcs – Cut into 1-inch slices
• Tomato. 1 pc – Cut into quarters
• Assorted Mushrooms. 100g (Shimeiji, Shiitake, Enoki)
• Coriander. 1 – 2 stalk – Pluck coriander leaves
Dashi Master Tip: Wash and keep the roots of Coriander stalk. This is a secret ingredient to boost the overall aroma of the soup.
• Seafood/Meat. 100g (i.e. Scallops, Prawns, Slice Mackerel/Grouper, Shabu Slices)

Step 1: Cooking Dashi Pack with vegetable aromatics

 Use 2 Dashi Pack (ft. Light – Shiitake & Daily – Pollack) 
Dashi Master Tip: Add roots of Coriander stalk into the “Light – Shiitake” Pack
 Add 1200ml water (1 serving=600ml)
 Add Carrot, Yellow Onion, Potato & Corn
 Boil on medium-high for 10 minutes!

"You know this is one healthy soup when it is so colourful!"

Step 2: Remove Dashi Packs

Dashi Master Tip: The essence of the Dashi Packs will be fully released after boiling for 10 mins. Remove the packs to make way for more ingredients! 

Step 3: Enhance & sweeten the broth with seafood/meat

• Add Cabbage, Tomato & Assorted Mushrooms
Dashi Master Tip: The above ingredients gets cooked quickly, hence we only add it at the second half of the cooking process.
• Add Seafood/Meat
• Add Salt and/or Soy Sauce 
(to taste)
• Sprinkle White Pepper Powder
 (to taste)
• Boil on medium-low heat for another 10 minutes..

"Add seafood (scallops!) for a sweeter broth"

Step 3: Garnish & Serve!

• Garnish with Coriander Leaves
• Enjoy the Flavourful Soup Broth!