Light & Flavourful Soup in 15 Minutes

"This ought to be everyone's comfort favourite! A Soothing and nourishing soup for stay home days."  -엄마

What you'll need?

Dashi Pack. 1  Packet (of your choice!)
Water. 600ml
Salt/Soy Sauce.
 ± ¼ Teaspoon

Vegetable Aromatics: 
• Yellow Onion. ¼ Diced
• Daikon Radish. 2 pcs
Assorted Mushrooms. 300g  (Shiitake, Enoki) 
Assorted Vegetables. 100g  (Bok Choy, Cabbage, Spinach)
Seafood/Meat. 100g  (i.e. Scallops, Prawns, Slice Mackerel/Grouper, Shabu Slices)

Step 1: Cooking Dashi Pack with vegetable aromatics

 Use 1 Dashi Pack (ft. Daily - Pollack) 
 Add 600ml water (1 serving)
 Add  ¼ Yellow Onion & 2pcs of Daikon Radish
 Boil for 10 minutes!

" We add vegetable aromatics to round up the earthy & savoury flavours of the broth with their natural sweetness!"

Step 2: Enhance & sweeten the broth with seafood

• Add Salt or Soy Sauce (to taste)
• Add Seafood/Meat.
• Add Assorted Mushrooms. 
• Add Assorted Vegetables.
•  Boil for 5 mins!

"Adding seafood or meat will further sweeten the broth!"

Step 3: Remove Dashi Pack & Enjoy!

• Remove Dashi Pack
• Enjoy the Flavourful Soup Broth!
TIP: Simmer Dashi Pack with all ingredients for a few more mins for a deeper flavour.