Korean-style Nutritious Porridge in 45 mins


"One-pot goodness with a medley of veggies & meat! A warm bowl of hearty porridge to nourish your soul - any time, any day"  -엄마



Serving Size: 2 pax
What you'll need?

Souper Home Cook Kit
 Dashi Pack. 2 Packet (of your choice!)
 Haemul Powder. ± ½ Teaspoon
 Kelp Powder. ± ½ Teaspoon
 Himalayan Pink Salt. Sprinkle (to taste)
 Water. 1.2L 



• Short-grain Rice. 1 Cup
• Yellow Onion. ¼ pc - Diced
• Carrot. ⅓ pc – Diced
 Zucchini. ⅓ pc – Diced
 Shiitake Mushrooms. 2-3 pcs – Diced
 Salmon. ½ fillet – Cut into small chunks
Souper Home Cook Tip: Wash & soak short-grain rice prior to cooking (i.e. soak in the morning if its for lunch to shorten cooking time).

 Garnish (Roasted Sesame Seeds & Seaweed Slices).  
Sprinkle on cooked porridge.
Souper Home Cook Tip: You may choose to sprinkle other garnishes like chopped spring onions or coriander leaves.

 Seafood/Meat. 50g -100g (i.e. Fish, Chicken, Seafood, etc)
Souper Home Cook Tip: It could easily be a meat-free option by omitting the meat. It taste just as great! 



Step 1: Soak Rice for 30 mins 

• Rinse short-grain rice 2 to 3 times and leave it to soak for 30 minutes
Souper Home Cook Tip: This will soften the rice to shorten the cooking time. You may soak at least 15-20 mins but the boiling of porridge will take slightly longer.
• Set aside. 
Proceed with preparing the ingredients and Dashi  


Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

• Dice onion, carrot, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms
Souper Home Cook Tip: Use a blender to dice the ingredients to save time!
• Cut Salmon into small chunks
Souper Home Cook Tip: You can use chicken or other fish type depending on preference.



Step 3: Cooking broth with Dashi Pack
• Use 2 Dashi Pack (ft. Umami - Katsuobushi & Daily – Pollack)
Souper Home Cook Tip: You can use any dashi pack of choice
• Add 1200ml water (1 serving = 600ml)
• Boil on medium-high heat for 10 minutes!
• Set the pot of broth aside to proceed with the porridge cooking.
• Remove Dashi Packs
Souper Home Cook Tip: Pre-prepare Dashi stock in advance and store it in the chiller (up to a week). Simply pour to use when needed.


Step 4: Sauté Vegetable & Rice

• Pour in 2-3 tsp of Sesame Oil over medium-high heat
Souper Home Cook Tip: Sesame oil brings adds additional fragrance to the overall taste of the porridge. You may substitute with olive oil as well.
• Add Onion & sauté till slightly brown and soften
• Add Zucchini, Carrots and Shiitake Mushrooms and continue to sauté for 2 mins
• Drain soaked rice and pour into the pot
• Continue to stir and sauté all the ingredients and rice for 1 min
Souper Home Cook Tip: Remember to stir constantly to prevent any burn. Turn down the fire if needed. By sautéing the ingredients together with oil, it gives the porridge a subtle tinge of aroma that elevates the overall taste.


Step 5: Pour in Dashi Broth & Boil for 10 mins

• Pour in the Dashi broth once the ingredients are slightly softened and evenly mixed with the rice
• Boil for 10 mins. Stir occasionally to prevent ingredients and rice from sticking at the bottom of the pot


Step 6: Add in Meat & Season with Souper Garu (Natural Seasoning Powder)


• Add in Salmon Chunks.
• Add ±½ tsp of Haemul Powder and Kelp Powder
Souper Home Cook Tip: Depending on your preference, you may adjust the amount of powder i.e. for more kelp benefits, you may add slightly more into the porridge.
 Grind Himalayan Pink Salt into the porridge (to taste)
Souper Home Cook Tip:
- You may choose to omit adding salt if you are using Anchovy Powder or more Haemul Powder
- You may replace salt with soy sauce
- Unlike regular salt or sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt contains lower sodium content over other types of salt. Hence, for a more savoury taste, you may wish to add slightly more. The overall taste profile of the pink salt is milder and less sharp.

• Stir evenly and mix well into the porridge
• Boil on medium-low heat for another 5 minutes 


Step 3: Garnish & Serve!

• Garnish with roasted sesame seeds and seaweed slices.
• Enjoy the hearty and nutritious porridge!